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Welcome to the Robin Cousins Page. This site covers the various careers of figure skating's Renaissance man. From an Olympic gold medal and numerous professional championships to his own and other ice shows and TV specials, the West End musical stage, choreography, directing, TV commentary, art exhibits, and movies, Robin Cousins can say "been there, done that."

Robin Cousins will be appearing in the musical Grease in the West End

Robin will be returning to the stage in the West End of London, where he has previously starred in his first ice show, Electric Ice, and later in The Rocky Horror Show (he has also appeared in the musical Cats and in Roger & Hammerstein's Cinderella, among other stage work). He will be playing the role of Teen Angel in Grease for 12 weeks, from March 29 to June 19.

Two new magazine articles on Robin Cousins

The February 2010 issue of International Figure Skating has an excellent four-page interview with Robin Cousins by Tai Babilonia, and the January 2010 issue of Skating Magazine also has a two page feature on Robin.

Robin Cousins will be in Vancouver doing 2010 Olympic commentary for the BBC.

Continuing his skating commentary for the BBC, Robin will be covering the Vancouver Olympic figure skating in February. February 21 was the 30th anniversary of Robin's Olympic gold medal win in Lake Placid in 1980. Congratulations, Robin!

During the Olympics, Robin will be taking a break from his position as head judge for the currently ongoing fifth season of Dancing on Ice on ITV. In the ITV series, celebrities learn to skate and team up with professional skaters to compete live on national TV. Torvill and Dean are also involved, both training the teams and skating themselves every telecast, and former British ice dance champions Karen Barber and Nicky Slater are also judges.

Robin Cousins choreographed the new 2009 Holiday on Ice show Tropicana

Robin choreographed the fall 2009 Holiday on Ice show Tropicana, now touring Europe, and another of his Holiday on Ice shows, Spirit, is touring the UK in early 2010.

Robin Cousins returned to the stage in a Christmas pantomime

Robin was back on stage from December 11, 2009 to January 16, 2010 at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, playing the villain Jack Frost in the pantomime (musical) Santa Claus and the Return of Jack Frost. Check back for future theater projects.

Robin did a drawing for charity for National Doodle Day, and has an earlier drawing in their book

Robin drew a doodle for National Doodle Day that, along with other celebrity doodles for charity, was auctioned on Ebay. You can see Robin's 2008 artwork on the National Doodle Day website, and a drawing that he did for the charity two years ago is in their just-published collection of previous doodles, currently for sale on eBay.

Youtube has a number of old videos of Robin's skating

For those seeking old or foreign videos of Robin Cousins' skating, try a search on


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